Help! My product melted during shipping! What do I do?

Help! My product melted during shipping! What do I do?

Have you ever received a package only to find that your whipped sugar scrub or body butter has melted during shipping? Don't worry, it's a common occurrence, especially during the warmer months. Here are some frequently asked questions about what to do when your products arrive in a less-than-solid state.

Why do products melt during shipping?

Products like whipped sugar scrubs, whipped tallow balms, and whipped body butter are made with natural ingredients that can melt at higher temperatures. During transit, especially in hot weather, these products can soften or even melt completely. Make sure to pay attention to your package's tracking information and bring your package inside right away once it is delivered!

What should I do if my product arrives melted?

If you notice that your product has melted during shipping, the first thing to do is to grab it off the porch right away. Once inside, place it in the refrigerator immediately. Cooling the product will help it return to a solid state.

Can I still use a melted salve or balm product?

If you have a solid state salve or balm product that has melted, it will be fine to use as is once it solidifies again. The quality and effectiveness of the product should not be affected by the melting process.

What about whipped products?

Whipped products, on the other hand, may lose their fluffy consistency when melted. If your whipped product has melted, you can try whipping it yourself after it has cooled back down. Alternatively, you can use the product in its solid state, although the texture may be different.

Remember, melting during shipping is a natural occurrence for certain products, especially those made with natural ingredients. By following these simple steps, you can still enjoy the benefits of your favorite whipped products, even if they arrive in a slightly altered state.

*If you notice any separation of your products after shipment, please snap a photo and send it along with your query to!

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